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Annecy Lake, or “Blue Lake” is one of the cleanest lakes in the world, is located in the heart of the Savoy Alps in the pre-Alpine region of France. The lake itself, its shore, and the surrounding nature are one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in all of Europe, so they are extremely popular among both locals and tourists. The city of the same name is located nearby. Here you can go kayaking, surfing, swimming, boat trips. But the greatest demand is riding bicycles in the mountains and not only. A wide network of bicycle roads is developed here, which will suit both beginner cyclist and professional in terms of difficulty.

How to choose a suitable bike

It is very important to choose the right bike specifically for each person, taking into account all its features and needs, so that a bike ride brings joy and pleasure. As a rule, at the rental locations, staff advises on this issue. It is better to stop your choice at those places where there is a large range of universal bicycles: women's, men's and children's. But most often they have the same models, but with frames of different sizes.


Be sure to choose the type of seat: if you plan a trip in the mountains, the seat should be hard and narrow, if the walk will be in the plains and in the city - the seat should be soft and wide. It is better to choose bicycle rental annecy, where there is a convenient payment system: payment can be made immediately when the bike is returned back or in parts, depending on the rental period and the amount of payment.

General terms and conditions for renting a bicycle Before renting a two-wheeled vehicle, it is important to familiarize yourself with the generally accepted rules in order to avoid unpleasant situations. However, every point on the environmental results of two-wheeled transport can be nuanced, it is important to clarify on the place the consultants.

  1. An agreement is drawn up based on an identity document. Bicycle can be rented for any period: even for an hour, even for the whole day.
  2. A rental vehicle is returned within 10 days after the end of the contract.
  3. If the bike breaks down, the lessor takes care of the repair. The important point is to return it to where it was taken from.
  4. If the bike was lost or stolen, the tenant is responsible.

After returning the bike to the owner, a deposit and a document are returned if it was previously provided. Since bicycle transport is not insured, in the event of an accident, the owner is responsible for damages. Advantages of bike rental The issue of environmental safety is quite acute throughout France, so not only tourists, but also local people use an ecological mode of transport – bicycles. Moreover, many people adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Pros, why you should choose to rent rather than buy:

  • renting is much cheaper than buying;
  • if a person is a tourist, he does not need to bring a bike from his country;
  • opportunity to ride on completely different models and choose what you like;
  • if personal transport is under repair;
  • save time and money on public transport.

It can be concluded that rent a bike lake annecy is not only healthy, but also cost-effective.


Bicycle rental cost

The cost of using a bicycle with bike rental annecy depends on the time of year and the organization that provides this service. The average price of the simplest bike with 6 speeds for 1 hour is about 7 euros, for 1 day – 12 euros. The price of a sports-style mountain bike for 1 hour is 5 euros, for the whole day – 15 euros. The price of road trips starts from 10 euros for 1 hour. For an additional fee with bike hire Annecy, you can also get a lock against theft, a pump for pumping wheels, rollers, bicycle seats for children. A trip to the “Alpine Venice” in France will give a lot of impressions, emotions, and will not leave anyone indifferent to the fascinating beauty of the local nature.

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