What is special about electric bike on rent?

The service of electric bike on rent, or bicycle rental, is becoming more and more popular recently. This is a transport that allows to easily overcome long distances and high ascents. Many citizens of the country are increasingly entering the phrase of e bike rental near me in the search engine. It is important to remember that such transport is intended exclusively for urban areas, so it is not recommended to take it in the highlands.

What is the essence of electric bicycle rental serviceslocation velo electrique

An electric bicycle is a vehicle with an electric drive. This mechanism partially or completely ensures its movement. It is also called hybrid transport. It combines the properties of a mountain bike and a road bike. It is distinguished from the usual one by 3 attributes: an electric motor, a battery, and a controller. It will take 6 hours to fully charge the bike. It takes up to 4 hours for the battery to charge up to 75%.

Electric bicycle rental is a current and popular service that allows people not to spend money on buying transport that is not used so often. An electric bike is an opportunity to breathe freshness and dynamism while moving around the city. Flexible, environmentally friendly and sustainable transport won’t only take you far, but also help you stay fit.

Rental advantages

The bicycle rental service has the following advantages:

  • saving money on the purchase of vehicles;
  • saving money on spare parts;
  • stable battery operation;
  • rapid transportation to your destination;
  • ability to overcome steep ascents and distances;
  • ability to charge the battery from the household power supply.

The user can rent any brand of bike. This is beneficial both for one person and for family or friends, because you can get together and leave for the weekend.

How to book an electric bike?

In order to rent a vehicle, you need to leave a passport or other document that confirms your identity as a security deposit. The user must also leave a certain amount as a deposit. The pledged amount is returned at the time of refund.

After that, the person who rented the vehicle must sign the contract. Its contents indicate that the user took the bike in good condition and undertakes to return it in the same way. During trips, the user takes full responsibility for its safety, so he must protect it from any kind of damage. 

Cost of the rental service

location velo electrique

You can find out the exact price for electric bike to rent from the manager of the organization to which the user applied for the service. You can rent a bicycle for an hour, several hours, days or weeks. Helmets and locks are included in the rental price. If the transport is taken for a few days, many companies will put a charger into operation. You can also take a child seat, bicycle bag, special foam to fix a punctured tire, and other accessories for a comfortable ride.

Where to rent an electric bike

Almost the entire electronic transport market is of chinese origin. Its ancestor is also China. European models are many times more expensive, but practically no different from the chinese counterpart. If I want to get an electric bike rental near me, I need to drive this phrase into a Google search. The system will automatically select rental locations in my city. You can also enter the desired city in the search engine, and the user's choice will be represented by a significant number of companies engaged in rental in this area where rent e bike near me is possible.

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