Choose a mountain bike hire. Chamonix.

Choosing the Right Electric Bike

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is a resort area in France. It is located near the border with Switzerland and Italy and is located at the foot of Mont Blanc. The city itself is famous for its ski trails and bike routes, so mountain bike rental in Chamonix is quite a popular service.

Chamonix ski resort is one of the most famous in Europe. A huge number of foreign tourists come here every year on vacation. It offers visitors open tracks for both professionals and beginners, as well as 5 autonomous stations.

Mountain bike rental in Chamonix

In addition to skiing, the resort is also popular for cycling. Therefore, there is such a service as bike rental. The client only needs to leave a passport or other proof of identity (driver’s license, student ID card), and money as collateral.

The price of the service will depend on the time of operation, the type of bike and other factors. The rental period is from one hour to several days. It is important to know that transport is not issued to persons who have not reached the age of majority, or to citizens who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Mountain road in the Alps near Chamonix -

Tips of professionals on the choice of two-wheeled transport

The difference between a mountain bike and a regular road bike is the width of the wheels and the frame. The first has a width of 50 mm, the second-up to 40. The frame of the mountain bike is made of light metals and alloys, raised to 33 cm, so the bike is adapted for off-road driving. Strong wheels make transport reliable and safe.

When choosing to rent a bike in chamonix, you need to consider:

  1. frame size (to be guided by a relief and the road on which driving will be carried out);
  2. width of the wheel (the expansion of the helm affects the level of control the bike on turns);
  3. take-out length (long take-out makes steering control and control gentler when cornering);
  4. height of the pin under the seat and its position (it is better that the seat is parallel to the ground, and the line of the pin runs in the middle of the seat);
  5. steering wheel height (adjustable based on the customer’s convenience);
  6. connecting rod length (selected depending on height).

Mountain bike opportunities

The presented type of two-wheeled vehicle is a universal bike, which has gained popularity due to its simplicity, strength and good handling. Many tourists who visit the valley in the warm season, want to ride a special bike on the mountain peaks. Many hotels offer guests bike rental with a wide range of products and affordable prices.

“Two-wheeled horse” for mountain trips greatly expands the possibilities to get new thrills for fans of extreme riding or just get a new experience from Cycling.

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Routes for two-wheeled transport in Chamonix

Renting a bike and equipment is an affordable opportunity for tourists to explore the mountains and peaks, increase adrenaline and have a great time. Guests of the valley can independently plan their trip.

There are three types of routes: difficult, medium and easy. Some work all year, the second only certain months. For example, the Alpage Respect Les Houches descent is available from June to September, Chateau Saint Michel – works all year round.

For those who want to explore the trails and interesting areas of the French mountains, bike hire in Chamonix is a profitable and affordable opportunity to fulfill a dream and get unforgettable emotions. Specialists of the company that issues bikes for rent will help you choose a suitable vehicle, tell you what other equipment you need and can issue trails maps.