Convenient bicycle rental. Annecy is the best city for bike rental.

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The French city of Annecy is a real storehouse of historical attractions, such as the island palace of the Palais de Lille, the church of St. Francis de Sales, and the Cathedral of St. Peter. In addition, the streets are full of old buildings and architectural monuments.

You can’t see everything from the tour bus, but during a bike ride, you definitely will be able to see every detail. This is why bicycle hire Annecy is so popular.

Features of bicycle rental

The popularity of two-wheeled transport is growing rapidly every year. Despite this, not everyone has the desire and opportunity to buy their own bike. The reason may be the lack of necessary storage conditions, financial restrictions, lack of skills in carrying out minor repairs, which is inevitable during intensive operation. The rental service has been in demand for a long time in Europe, and the demand for bicycles is only increasing.

In order to rent a vehicle, you only need to call the phone number provided on the official website, or come directly to the rental office. The cost depends on how long the lease is planned. You can rent a bicycle in Annecy for an hour, day or day, depending on the customer’s wishes. A passport or other ID document is provided as a security deposit.

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Benefits of bicycle rental in Annecy

The popularity of bike rental is quite justified, as it gives many advantages.

  • Riding a bike in the fresh air is a great way to keep fit.
  • This is an interesting type of outdoor activity, contributing to the receipt of positive emotions.
  • The vehicle has a small size and maneuverability, so the rider will be able to pass without any difficulties in narrow alleys, where the car will not be able to enter.
  • Cyclists will definitely not have to stand idle in city traffic, wasting their time.
  • There is no need to worry about the storage location of the vehicle.
  • Bike rental specialists are engaged in servicing the bike. Customers receive the vehicle in good condition, ready for use.

Thanks to bike hire lake annecy, tourists can have a great time and get acquainted with all the sights presented in the ancient city of France, without any reference to time and urban transport. You don’t need to adjust to the schedule of the tour group. The choice of route also depends solely on your wishes. Tourists can spend as much time as they want in their favorite place and enjoy the stunning views and landscapes.

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You can rent a bike at affordable prices, prices are indicated in euros. Clients are offered a large assortment of bicycles of various models in good operating condition. Thanks to this, you can choose the best option based on the functional characteristics, wheel diameter and other features that affect the convenience of riding. The price is indicated hourly and daily. The user-friendly interface allows to fully familiarize yourself with the features of providing services. Customers are offered favorable rental conditions and information support from competent specialists who will help in choosing a bike.