Why electric bike hire is the best choice for travel?

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An electric bicycle is a vehicle that allows a person to move not only within the city limits, but also to travel and engage in extreme sports. With its help you can avoid traffic jams, get to work, to your place of study, enjoy a ride in a park or hiking trail.

What’s else beautiful about electic bikes – you don’t make much effort on your way to your destination, especially when it comes to hilly terrain. But a good electric bike is quite expensive, so not everyone can afford it. In this case, the best option is to get an electric bike hire.

Types and features of transport

E-bikes are divided into:

  • urban, with a trunk for moving around the city;
  • highway – for traveling long distances;
  • electric mountain bikes (E-MTB) – for dirt roads, off-road.

The handling and safety of the cyclist depends on the geometry and strength of the frame. The drive device can be: integrated into bottom bracket shell node when the bike accelerates the rotation of the pedals and motor, and the motor-wheel, the driving is performed with a special lever placed on the steering wheel. The drive power affects its longevity.

The battery of the device is removable and not removable. The presence of an electronic control system allows you to collect characteristics from sensors, batteries, engines and properly manage them.

The weakest parts of an electric bike are transmission components, tire covers and brakes.

If you need to rent a vehicle, the best option is to hire electric bike near me. We can replace it quickly if necessary.

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Criteria for choosing a bike for rent

Before you choose an electric bicycle hire, you should pay attention to its technical characteristics, such as:

  1. mass of the frame and accumulator, to give preference to aluminum structure with less weight compared to steel;
  2. distance you can drive on a single charge without turning the pedals;
  3. battery capacity and type, which affects the weight and mileage distance.

In addition, using the service of electric bike hire near me, you must take into account other features of the transport. The lead-acid battery is heavier. In addition, it has charging/discharging limits within 300 cycles. It is easier to use lithium-ion, which has such indicators up to 800 times, and lithium-polymer-up to 2000 times.

The type of wheel motor is: external, built into the wheel without brushes; collector, located in the pedal node.

After getting acquainted with the features, you will be able to choose and get an e bike hire correctly.

Where to get transport for hire

Electric bike rental is required in many cases. It can be activities for children, excursions, sporting events, holidays. Such a service has many advantages. You can:

  • choose the model according to the purpose of the event;
  • complete training with an instructor and get detailed instructions from them;
  • take protective equipment for free;
  • order a bicycle by the hour, day or longer period of time;
  • obtain a convenient payment method;
  • rent several pieces of equipment.

In addition, all devices undergo a preliminary technical inspection and a full battery charge.

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Electric bicycle hire at Rent Ebike Online offers the most favorable conditions and affordable prices for their services. Here it is possible to book a model for a certain date, choose a payment method. The contract is signed for the rental of an electric bike, and for teenagers it is required to provide written permission from the parents, certified by their signature. Use the electric bike rental service and enjoy a pleasant ride!