Why you should to choose bike rental?

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In the modern world, the idea of a healthy lifestyle is becoming widely popular: it includes healthy food, sports, and the use of environmentally friendly transport, among other things. This type og transport includes an electric bicycle. In fact, this is a very ordinary bike, but with a motor and battery.

An iron horse with a motor is becoming a fashion trend, thanks to which you can improve your health and be popular. It is possible to travel from 30 to 90 km at a time, you don’t need to look for a parking space every time – just take it with you to your apartment or office, it consists of a small number of parts, which greatly simplifies its maintenance and possible repairs in the future.

Electric bicycle rental as a way to take a walk around the city

Tourists actively use this service, as it allows you to see the sights of the city they came to, make an effortless bike ride, saving time and money on public transport. Many city dwellers prefer electric bicycle rental as a regular purchase. Both tourists and locals have their own good reasons for this:

  • rental price is significantly lower than the price of a regular bike;
  • large number of bike parking;
  • can be taken absolutely for any period: for half an hour, and for a day, or for a day;
  • ability to use a rental e bike in one point of the city, and return it completely in another;
  • if you plan to buy, then you can try different models, renting them and thereby choose your favorite;
  • opportunity to save time without stopping in traffic jams and at traffic lights.

Electric bicycle rental has solid advantages, it is worth trying for everyone.

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Electric bike rental: key points to choose

Usually bike rental (electric) offers a large number of models. It is very important to correctly choose an electric bike specifically for each person, so that a ride on an electric bike brings only pleasure and comfort. It is necessary to pay attention to some parameters in order not to get lost among a wide variety.

Motor power. To understand what power is required, you need to know the purpose of the trip: if in the mountains, then you need a power of at least 500 watts. If the trip is ordinary, along city streets, then 350 watts is enough.

Motor control. There are models with pedals, and there are models with the help of a power adjustment mechanism, that is, without them.
Maximum speed of the electric bike. The higher the speed, the more powerful the battery should be. It is better to choose a bike with an average speed – no more than 30 km/h.
Many companies that provide electric bycycle rental have consultants who offer assistance and advice.

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Generally accepted rules for electric bike rental

All bike rental companies have generally accepted rules, which are described below. But in spite of this, you need to carefully get acquainted with each item of the contract which is signed, and to ask the lessor. It will be useful to check the general condition, whether the tires are inflated, whether the brakes are working, how much battery power is available before it is transferred to the tenant.

  1. A passport or driver’s license is needed to get an electric bike. A contract is signed up on its basis.
  2. Most often, a cash deposit is left, less often – a passport. When the bike returns, money or passport will be returned to the lessor.
  3. It is necessary to specify possible situations and solutions related to the breakdown, loss or theft of the iron horse.
  4. Terms of return of the electric bike. At the end of the time specified in the agreement, a certain time frame is given within which it must be returned.

After trying to ride an electric bike once, you will want to do it again and again. This is really economical, useful, and eco-friendly.